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Hack Your Pack – 13 Great Tips for Packing Like a Pro!

13 Great tips for packing like a pro!


Going on vacation and exploring new destinations is always fun, and it gives us something to look forward to. But packing? That’s probably the most stressful part of heading out. Before your next vacation or business trip, be sure to browse these packing tips and you’ll be packing like a pro in no time!


1. There’s nothing worse than tangled cords and earbuds, whether you’re traveling or not. Help keep your charging cords and earbuds knot free by storing them in a pencil case or sunglasses case.

2. Small jewelry has a knack for disappearing. Storing earrings, rings, and other small jewelry in pill containers will keep them from going missing, and can also help you plan your accessories.

3. Look at the bottom of your shoes and ask yourself if you really want them touching your clothes. Try packing them inside shower caps to keep them from getting dirt on your freshly cleaned clothes.

4. There are certain size restrictions for liquids if you’re flying. And even if you’re not flying, rather than packing full-size beauty products, transfer just what you need into contact lens cases for the perfect amount.

5. Folding your clothes is guaranteed to leave them full of wrinkles. Try rolling outfits together instead to make grab-and-go options for easy wardrobe planning.

6. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than liquids leaking throughout your suitcase. Prevent leaks by removing the tops of shampoos, lotions, and other items that could potentially spill by covering the openings with plastic wrap, and then replacing the tops.

7. Don’t have a clothes dryer nearby to freshen up that day-old shirt? Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep clothes smelling fresh and clean.

8. Leaving razors uncovered in your suitcase is an accident waiting to happen! Cover the sharp edges with a binder clip to prevent cuts when you go to reach for them.

9. Necklaces have a knack for getting tangled in transport. Thread thin jewelry through a straw to prevent knots. For bigger necklaces, sealing them individually in press-and-seal wrapping works just as well.

10. The last thing you want to do is open your suitcase and find all of your fragile items destroyed. Place the heaviest items on the bottom, toward the wheels, to protect your breakables.

11. Small items like socks, belts, and underwear can take up a surprising amount of space. Try placing them in your shoes for added room.

12. On the road for an extended period of time? Take a few outfits and wash them, as needed. Most hotels have a laundry facility or offer dry cleaning.

13. What happens if your luggage gets lost? Make sure you pack the essentials—including a change of clothes—in your carry on bag.



Source: American Lifestyle Magazine 


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