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From Fall to Winter: Marvelous Holiday Mantel Decor


Filling your home with festive decor is one of the best ways to get into the spirit of the season. There are so many ways to experiment with colors and textures, and to incorporate pieces that fit for both fall and winter!

Utilize colors like reds, golds, and shades of white to evoke the warmth and comfort of both fall and winter. Pieces like candles, throws, and pillows in these shades are great options to keep around throughout the seasons.

Garland and Greens
Fall and winter are all about the rustic look.  Reflect the changing conditions outside by incorporating pieces like red and yellow leaves, hay, and pumpkins for fall. Pine branches and pinecones work well for the winter, as well as holly and poinsettia.

Double-Duty Signs
Save time breaking out a different box of decorations by making your decor serve a dual purpose. Simply create reversible signs by painting a seasonally appropriate message or design on either side and flipping for the season change.


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Source: American Lifestyle Magazine



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